Even if you have seen the Monkey Business Illusion video before, watch this video again. It is slightly different.


I have been using this video is my Lean-Leadership and Managerial-Leadership consulting and trainings.

For people who have seen the original Monkey Business video, they know to look for the monkey BUT, as this video illustrates, even when you know what to look for you miss other things that are happening in front of your face.

Using this video to illustrate two concepts;

  • The need and use of Gemba: solving problems in the location of the problem by the people who have first hand experience with the problem.
  • The systemic nature of Organizations and team: By changing one thing other parts of the system/process are changed that we may not notice.

What are you looking at?

  1. What areas of focus are needed to solve this?
  2. While we are focusing on this area…what other areas are being ignored?
  3. Have we spoken to the people who are closest to what we perceive as the problem? What solutions have they tried and they are using?
  4. I am sure you have graphs, data, and fancy spreadsheets – what does all that mean in concrete examples?
  5. What Gorilla’s are you currently looking for?

What other ways could you use this video? Please share some ideas and stories.

michael cardus is create-learning