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In the 7 Steps to High Performance Teams consulting and training step 4 is Commitment to the goal of the team and tasks that each person is individually accountable for in reference to the goal.

This only happens and can exist when the 3 prior steps are complete.

Working and sharing this model with the Solution-Focused Leadership program I was teaching we developed a series of questions and ideas to identify, determine and strengthen commitment to a team project goal and the team members.

On to the Inquiry:

What does commitment to the goal and each other look like?

· Can we do this?

· Will we do this?

· How important is the work to us?

· On a scale of 0 – 10, how would you rate your commitment to our goal? What would make it 1 higher? Wow, interesting.

· How will we (or management) know something has changed?

· What do you have to offer, how will we know when you are half way there?

· Knowing what you/we know, what do you/we want to do next?

· How will we do this? Do we need other resources? What else do we need to develop our action plan?

· Are we ready to move forward to achieve our goal?

· What is QQT/R for goal?

· Based on individual roles, how much time do team members have to commit?

· Why is this goal important to you?

· What will completing this goal mean to you?


Having commitment results in role clarity and all team members knowing what role they play and what role the others play in achieving the goal; sufficient allocation of resources to remain committed; decision get made because the team members are committed and know the roles of the team.

What do you think?

What questions would you add for commitment? In what ways can you increase the commitment of team members to the goal? What steps come after commitment?

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