This video is great, showing how our unconscious mind is in more control than we think.

We all have an uncanny inflated sense of our own abilities and tend to think that those who are not like us, think like us, act like us, drive like us, work like us, etc… are clearly wrong and irrational.

Within everything especially workplaces, where the majority of us spend over 1/3 of our days and lives, the system in place for work, drives the behaviors and output. This is everything from room design, to goals, to values, to performance appraisals on and on…Your unconscious mind is in the driver’s seat more than you realize.

And even within “design and creative” companies very little is done and thought about how the work gets done.

On to the Inquiry:

Knowing what you know, and have watched in the video above; What about your work environment drives the great work and behaviors that drive success?

  • Think/list examples of when the team and your work were really successful.
  • Where did that happen, what was the room like, the environment like, how was the work formatted, try to list every tiny detail…no matter how irrelevant you may feel it was.
  • Attempt to recreate and learn from that list.