Delegation of Tasks and Planning Steps Required

Hoopdom: Requires teams to effectively plan a project, delegate tasks, plan for evaluation & follow-up.

Plus it is FUN!

I realized today that I get wrapped up in trying to prove that team building activities are more than fun. While arguing the learning, the fun can be removed from the initiative. It is alright to have fun!

It is acceptable and effective to have fun at work and training.

That is why I started Create-Learning was to make training & learning fun! So as I write these blog posts and create program content and talk with people about the objectives, outcomes, profit creation, ideation, metrics, etc… FUN is an acceptable criteria that can be evaluated and placed into the mix.

Kirkpatrick’s Level 1 – is reaction…people having fun is a positive reaction that will yield results.

And I still am working on being okay with me, selling the fun of what I do.

So hoopdom is about having fun together, while planning, delegating and following up on project plans.

thank you for having fun with me!

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