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Resiliency is the psychological capacity to deal with stress.

I have heard resiliency seven times this week, twice when facilitating a corporate group, in three 1 on 1 leadership coaching sessions, and twice more with two middle school groups.

Team-Building is a practice in resiliency. One part is the personal ability of the individual to continue through a process once the fun stops, develop a solution, work through understanding the process & learn adaptive techniques.

The other part is team resiliency. Resiliency is the ability of a team to develop a shared psychological state of working through challenges. Through these challenges, stay together, working through conflicts, and coming out stronger on the other side, allowing each team member to use their talents and abilities autonomously, while still focusing on the set goal and challenge.

    • Resiliency happens when the team struggles through tasks, and they analyze their action, reflect upon the analysis, and instill changes from the activities.
    • Resiliency happens when teams develop and take autonomy through their time & techniques & talents.
    • Resiliency happens when the leader knows and cares about the strengths, gaps, and talents of the individual.
    • Resiliency happens when the leader focuses on removing situations that impede the team member’s and team’s success.
    • Resiliency happens when the teacher teaches through content and models experience, guidance, and struggles
    • Resiliency happens when the teacher steps aside and allows the students to fail – THEN, the teacher facilitates the students to develop success.
    • TeamBuilding develops resilience in people when the facilitator focuses on bright spots.
    • TeamBuilidng develops resilience in teams when they overcome specific and distinct tasks. THEN they are guided in a discussion
    • TeamBuilding develops resilience when two various modes of thought are connected to find a new cognitive solution.
    • TeamBuilding develops resilience when individuals set personal goals, and they achieve them or learn from the effort.
    • TeamBuilding develops resilience when individuals stop and Listen to themselves and others.

Resiliency can be found and located within yourself, team, organization, leadership when you allow yourself, team, organization, leadership too; 


    • Listen
    • Experience
    • Analyze the Action
    • Reflect
    • iNstill; iNternalize; iNstitutionalize