cooperation and resistance loops for team communicatino and solution finding

Sitting with 20 managers in a Communication and Collaboration Workshop discussing Cooperation and Resistance Loops.

We spent too much time on the Resistance Loops or as I call it:

Inward Spiraling Doom Loops of Asphyxiation

I am also guilty of seeing the other person or team or manager or organization as resistant / a jerk / does not want to listen / is just the way they are and will never change…

We find it easier to join the crowd and complain.

As opposed to being the outcast who sees the supposed-enemy as a possible-cooperator.

Doom Loop illustrated

Any kind of movement causes more constriction.

What does this got to do with communication?

When you enter into a meeting and conversation and you’re convinced that they are being or going to be resistant, you look for signs of resistance then you STRIKE on them and squeeze.

They feel that and resist. Reinforcing your initial belief of resistance, so on and so on…Until you both leave angrier and feeling justified because “They are being the resistant jerk” and nothing gets done.

What can be done to stop this?

Cooperation loops.


What do you think?

Have you been guilty of creating resistance loops? Have you been stuck in a resistance loop? What works to break the cycle?

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