Role of the team member

Role of the team member in project teams

I made several webinars for a company that is moving many people to team leadership roles, and they were struggling with their virtual teams getting work done.

The company had good people and we identified that poor beginnings to team projects created challenges later on. We also identified that the team leaders needed some simple check-lists and job-aids to ensure that they could do their best work.

By having the – Getting the team started Checklists – this freed up the creative energy for the team leaders to improve the teamwork and system for how they work together.

We are making more webinars and internal team leader job-aids that will support new and semi-experienced team leaders to make progress.

Getting the team started 2 – Role of the Team Member

The Role of the Project Team Member

The team members are responsible for making sure the work gets done. Those responsibilities start before the team comes together and continue after the team has disbanded.


Members come to the meeting prepared.


The team members participate in meetings, contribute knowledge/expertise, carry out assignments, and help gain organizational commitment to the project.


Members may continue to work on the process in its improved form and may be asked to help the team leader debrief the project sponsor/champion.

Getting the team started – Role of the Team Member

Here are the slides, without me yammering on and being slightly confusing.