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There are many ways to create goals statements. What I find most useful is QQTR.

A goal is a what by when.
The What
  • Quality – how good does it need to be?
  • Quantity – how much is required?
By when
  • Time Frame – when is it expected to be complete?
  • Resources – what is available, how do I access resources, how do I secure more if necessary?
QQTR Example(S)
  • Chain of retail stores. We were looking to grow capacity & open new stores. This is only one piece of the total operational plan.
Task to be completed Increase capacity of retail stores by decreasing over time or increasing monthly sales. 
Quality Direct labor costs will be less than 10.5% of monthly sales
Quantity Direct labor in all 12 stores
Time Frame Before June 1, 2015
Resources We will use a control spreadsheet with weekly schedule data supplied by individual store managers
  • Manufacturing plant example.
Task to be completed  Decrease changeover time of machine XC192
Quality Maintaining current level of defects to plant standards
Quantity Decrease changeover of machine XC192 from 3 hours to 1.5 hours
Time Frame By October 1, 2016
Resources We will use internal engineering and SME, and train the machine operators. Measurement based on changeover logs and observational audits by quality engineers.
  • One of my goals for Create-Learning
Task to be completed  Keep Create-Learning blog up to date & useful as an education + marketing tool
Quality Blog posts should offer helpful tips, combine evidence-based management theory with a practical tool, be something I am proud to share.
Quantity 2 to 5
Time Frame Per Week
Resources Books, peers, clients, workshop materials.