solution finding stimulus - behave as-if the solution has happened

With teams, managers and people the outward way we act and treat others becomes the inward way we perceive them. In turn becoming the way they observe and treat us –> reinforcing the way we perceive each other.

Often a small step and change in action leads to larger outcomes.

This is similar to the cooperation & resistance loops.

Cooperation and Resistance are mutually exclusive

A coaching exercise that I found works to change the response and your view of other people is to behave as-if the solution is happening.

  • Determine – What do you want to have happen?
  • Ask – If that was happening how would you know? What would you see?
  • Determine – What would you notice about other people around you, if this happened?
  • Determine – This is happening…what would you do different? Share in detail how you would get your work done / treat the other person / respond to the other person / show up to the meeting… etc.. picture specifically what you are doing what it is you want to do in that situation.

Based upon your responses for the next 5 working days every morning, before you leave your car and walk into the office, flip a coin:

  • Heads – you choose 1 to 3 times to be that person. To behave as-if what you want to have happen is actually happening. Convince yourself that this solution has happened and you are living it right now.
  • Tails – you do nothing different.
What worked?

On the days you land on heads:

  • Observe – what works? What is better? How do others react towards you? What about the solution, that you are behaving as-if, are you seeing happen? … Write down your responses.

On the days you land on tails. Do nothing different.

When your team and you are stuck a stimulus will get you moving again!

What do you think?

Share your responses and practice being Solution-Focused.

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