How to Think Differently to Drive Results Innovation Training and Development Michael Cardus (7)

Solution-Finding & Innovation Thinking is more than a set of tools. It is a different way of thinking and approaching your work. Plus, I enjoy finding and phrasing questions that break the stuckness in thinking.

Separate the Solution in Time
  • Looking at what you want to have SOLVED, give the system one boundary at one time and another boundary at another time.
  • A system divisible in time can be made to have different boundaries at different times. This allows you to think of a solutions-bank that will that may change the system causing a solution in one time leading to outcomes at other times.
  • How might you separate the system (that contains the problem you want to solve) in time to allow it to be one way at one time and a different way at another time?

This is similar to Dimensions / Time / Cost Operator