Sometimes I create a Team Building Agenda that is good enough to share. Here is a Solution-Focused Customer Service program developed for People Inc.

Images & testimonials from the program.

People Inc Customer Service and Team Building Create-Learning (1) 

Customer Service external
  • Responding in positive & solution-focused ways to customer concerns & questions
  • Development & practice of scripts that can be used with a variety of customers
  • Maintaining positive & proactive dialog + relationships with customers
    Customer Services internal
    • Maintaining positive & beneficial communication with peers
    • Techniques & practices to deal with stress
    • Techniques & practices to help co-workers deal with stress

    Team Building to enhance focus on customer service & care while maintaining People Inc. staff are “The Best There Is!”

    Program Agenda




    Mike Cardus arrives and sets up the room


    People arrive network & eat & prepare … there will be materials at the table and several objects that will be used through the morning.


    Management opens­ – What is the purpose of today? How is this relevant to the work? How will this be used & followed-up?


    Mike Cardus – says hello goes over morning objectives


    Table teams

    Narration of Customer Service:  Each table team will have 15-20 image cards and will best asked to use these cards & agree on responses to the following: ‘Today is about customer service. The customer is external (families, community members, people we serve) and internal (co-workers, friends, collaborative agencies). What is working good enough, meaning that we are proud of our success & need to continue to do, with customer service? And what should be our goals for today, with customer service?



    Content Talk – Resistance and Cooperation. How we view others is how we treat them

    940-1000 Table Teams


    Processing & Reflection … small groups of 3 discuss & Flip Chart responses & hang on the wall

    • What was the purpose of this activity?
    • Thinking about your actions, what cooperation did you see? What resistance did you see?
    • How might you have seen more cooperation in others?
    • What about this can we apply to our work?


    New Table Groups will be developed

    Customer Service Scripted – Share & review 2 or 3 Customer Service Scripts … these will be in the content packets on the tables. Will consist of a step by step process for customer service interactions … we will refine the process as a team.

    • The importance of practicing and refining the scripts
    • Discussing with participants application to their work

    Identifying 2 Opportunities

    • Table teams determine 2 scenarios for practicing customer service ideas. 1 external and 1 internal customer …. If they cannot think of 2 scenarios Mike will supply the group scenarios that are appropriate.




    Teams of 3 people

    Practice & Creation – From the 2 Scenarios described earlier – we practice, each scenario.

    Process: External Customer

    Round 1

    • Person a) customer
    • Person b) staff
    • Person c) observer – documents & shares what impressed them about the staff’s responses & interaction with the customer …

    Process & Reflect… Observer shares & documents on flip-chart paper:

    • What impressed them about the staff’s responses to the customer?
    • Observable evidence of cooperation they saw in customer & staff.
    • 1 to 2 practices or techniques they are going to ‘steal’ & use themselves in the following rounds.

    Round 2

    • Person a) observer
    • Person b) customer
    • Person c) staff

    Process & Reflect… same as round 1

    Process: Internal Customer

    Round 1

    • Person a) staff
    • Person b) observer
    • Person c) customer

    Process & Reflect…. same as round 1 & 2


    Share what was learned & ideas for application …

    • Each team of 3 will partner with another team … making a team of 6.

    Each team of 6 (5 or 6 teams) will work together to share and identify:

    • What is distinctive about our work at People Inc we how we serve + support customers.
    • What is working well with our customer service? Meaning we should continue to do it and focus on it…
    • What will we improve within 100 days … Meaning what will we do better / different / more of in 100 days.


    Teams Share their responses and we look for emergent themes …


    What’s next & how will we continue?


    Mike Cardus cleans up & meets with management staff to recommend next steps

    Possible Next Steps:
    • Someone from People Inc. gathers & transcribes the flip-chart notes from the ‘Customer Service Scenarios’ and places them into a shared document. This can serve as a job-aid for managers and staff to continue to refine in the work.
    • Someone from People Inc. gathers & transcribes the flip-chart notes from Distinctive: Working Well: 100 day better …. And the Direct Manager chooses 1 to 3 ‘100 day improvements’ to focus on with the staff.
    Interested in a Solution-Focused Customer Service Program for your Company & Team? Contact Mike today – phone 1-716-629-3678.

    For you Team Building nerds – What do you think of the agenda? What would you have done the same / different?

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