Strategic Planning and Team Building with Student Government

Strategic Planning & Team Building with Student Government

Mike spent the day in Buffalo NY, leading strategic planning and team-building with SUNY Erie Community College Student Government.

The students were from all three campuses, North Campus, City Campus, and South Campus. Many of the students did not know each other, and it is their first experience with governance within a university.

Strategic Planning Outcomes:

  1. Through a NOIS analysis, identify areas of Need, Opportunity, Improvement, and Strength on each campus.
  2. From the campus NOIS, develop integrated themes and objectives for the entire Student Government body.
  3. From the campus NOIS, develop specific campus themes and objectives for each campus.
  4. Support the Student Government to develop a strategic plan that identifies what success looks like when the themes and objectives are completed.
  5. Plus create a process for accountability and progress that can be measured and shared with the University Senate, Students, and Administration.

Team Building Outcomes:

  1. Build the psychological safety of the team through discussions and integration of challenges and solution-focused coaching to work through team challenges.
  2. Connect how the team(s) work will support their achievement and adaptation of the strategic plans.
  3. Develop a strong bond amongst the Students that will create high-trust and model effective communication when things go wrong.
  4. Put the students under pressure and create opportunities for the self, team, plus other reflection to identify what is working well and what is not working within the situation.

We accomplished much of the strategic planning with the student government team. The student government teams will go back to their campuses and continue to refine plus develop what they are working on and how to maintain strategic planning and team accountability.

It is amazing what happens when you create enough space for people to be creative and use their strengths. With creative space, you will notice new ideas to develop innovative ways to improve your team and work. When people work together, what is needed is some space, ambiguous directives, and agreement on how to best use their time

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