• Photo between gate C and D gate at the Cleveland Ohio Airport.
Stairs vs. Escalator…What do you choose?

Traveling for work I usually take the stairs in the hotel, airport, office buildings…wherever I go the stairs is my choice of getting up and down.

I see less people on the stairs, plus any extra bit of exercise I can get, makes me happy.

Is this a metaphor for organization development, team building and managerial-leadership?

I think so…

Sometimes the path of least resistance and limited friction works best.

Sometimes the need for effort and friction moves the organization, team and manager further.

  • We all have to choose when and what is right…what are your ‘stairs’ and what are your ‘escalators’?
  • If we can get more people to the end point ( the goal ) through using the escalator is that best?
  • Would it be better to develop stairs for organizational health and longevity?
  • Is the path of least resistance right for this situation?

I say take the stairs you may lose some people, BUT the ones that make it are those that are motivated to stay with you. Plus those that seek out emergent and variants ways tend to hold the potential to take your organization and team to innovative levels.

What do you think?

Stairs or escalator? When is friction and effort appropriate? When is less effort best? What do you do for creative friction?

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