Workplace Complexity Through Opportunities

“Workplace complexity dwells in set(s) of options about what is possible rather than a set of options about what is probable.”  – Simple Habits for Complex Times Sitting with a senior management team, we were talking about how to understand and prepare the company to work through workplace complexity and change, one of the managers … Continued

Change can lead to resistance or cooperation

When we behave as-if things are complicated or complex, this behavior forces us to leave our existing field of thought/vision or to accept that it may be limiting.

Trust from shared vulnerability

Organizations and people are not gullible because they believe statements that appeal to them or really would like a way to make sense of a complex interactional workplace. The experiment shows that 84% of us have shared concerns, beliefs, needs, and areas where we feel weakness but do not think that others share these challenges.

VUCA workplaces purpose is the sun

The need to focus on purpose during periods of change and tumult will connect and create a focus on the shared & individual processes that are creating the required results. With purpose a system works. With a clear and consistent purpose the system-drives-behaviors that thrive in VUCA (Volatile; Uncertain; Complex; Ambiguous) environments.