Webinar Navigating Chaos to Complexity

Everything is not an emergency, or complex, or in chaos. Many areas are clear and complicated that you and your team decide and make progress.

Decision Making and Planning Within Complexity and Uncertainty

How you approach the complexity and uncertainty of your decision making and planning will impact how employees and customers view your attempted solutions. Are your attempted solutions seen as learning opportunities or blame opportunities?

Decision Making Antonyms and Story Telling

Complex decision-making is stronger when the choices and ideas are stretched, manipulated, and challenged – this is how you create psychological-safety in teams.

Making the Decision on how the Team Decides

Managing and working on teams the procedures being used must be known, shared and understood. What are often seen as ‘personality conflicts’ are usually just people with unknown procedures on how to accomplish the work.

Solution Finding Stimulus The Expert Knows

Someone new was brought in that has solved something similar before.
What is the 1st thing they would notice about your challenge?
What would be their 1st step in solving this?

Decision Making Procedure Fixed Team Problems

Making decisions as a team requires a shared understanding and procedure for accomplishment. The confusion and strife that occurs because the team cannot make a decision will ruin any progress made on the work. In order for decisions to be made quickly, and the work to be completed on-time, on-budget, within quality, while the team still gets along, a known and agreed upon procedure must be used.