Team Building & Leadership Workshops: Team Accountability & Decisions; Developing & Being a Part of High Performance Teams; Leading Team Leaders

The objectives for this project include;

Team members to have a common language of team development and leadership
Team members to see how personal accountability and team accountability fit into the organizational and project mission, values, and purpose.
Develop skill sets in 1. Effective behaviors of team membership 2. How to develop teams and team goals 3. How to lead those who are in charge of teams.

Decision Making: How to Make & Justify Kick Ass Decisions.

You are paid to make decision and use your best judgment. The amount of success you have and money you make is conjoined to the decisions you make. You NEED to make the best decisions possible; This process shows you how.

Photo Inquiry Friday: Your Solution Will Not Work For Me

We always want to share our experience and how we solved problems. When someone shares a problem they are facing, we quickly jump into the “If I was you…” “Here is what I would have done…” “That happened to me and I …” “why didn’t you just…” etc. This is especially true with a manager subordinate relationship.

What is Work?

Work is about pondering, wondering, uncertainty, choosing to do this rather than that at critical decision points, starting with choosing one pathway rather than another within the general method specified to be used, and continuing to use judgment in overcoming obstacles until the goal is reached.

Choices: Are you accountable OR are you a victim

  How choices are viewed as Self and Other Directed see model below.. Exploring the strengths of both and offering some tips on how leaders can act and create situations for choice in the workplace.   thanks to Keith Ayers for the model above michael cardus is create-learning

Make decisions & Solve Problems Within a Time Span…TeamBuilding & Leadership Process

Leadership team could benefit from increased trust and understanding perceptual awareness of themselves and others on the leadership team.

Concluding this process with;
Shared process and structure for leadership team to make decisions and solve problems within a time span.
Skill in active listening and communication to peers, supervisors and direct reports.
Co-creation of decision making methods for Leadership team to utilize in real-time. Leadership team will make a decision that is applicable to the organization at the time of our meeting.
Co-creation of team problem solving for Leadership team to utilize in real-time. Leadership team will solve a problem, develop an action plan & plan the step to a solution that is applicable to the organization at the time of our meeting.

Learning from CONTENT is Team Building

  Here’s the solution. The facilitator must expose the team to content for planning and effective steps to use for planning of a team. This can be accomplished using a power point presentation, a handout, ask the groups to break into smaller teams for group learning by peers. Supplying the team with a model of … Continued

Team Decision Making Program

Program Overview: Facilitating communication and increased effectiveness of staff and the population served. Communication and unified decision making within the team is necessary to the success of the organization. The team must continually enhance their communication and decision-making skills to care and serve clients. Another focus area is the trust and communication of client to … Continued