SOLVED solution-focused coaching example

A client who was using the SOLVED solution-focused cards┬ácalled me and had some questions. He was not sure how to use the cards in coaching himself through a challenge. That presented an opportunity for us to use the SOLVED coaching process and see what happens. The image above is the six SOLVED questions he randomly … Continued

Leadership Coaching Process Current, Need to be, Next Step

A Leadership Coaching Process works when a there is a combination of organizational support from management and peers, ensuring that you can learn and apply changes in an environment that welcome learning and change; competency and knowledge of the work you are accountable to complete; the value you place on the work, our coaching work … Continued

Team and leadership coaching questions

Leadership and Team Coaching sound nice until you have to put it into practice. I’ve developed a team and leadership coaching process called SOLVED.

You don’t need team building or leadership development

From our discussion I’m not sure what you need to do. I do know that team or leadership development is not what’s needed at this point. I have questions. From our discussion we may be better able to determine a progress step that may help.