A Leadership Coaching Process works when there is a combination of

  • organizational support from management and peers, ensuring that you can learn and apply changes in an environment that welcome learning and change;
  • competency and knowledge of the work you are accountable to complete;
  • the value you place on the work, our coaching work together, and your perceived value of the organization;
  • existing skills and knowledge;
  • evidence that you have gained wisdom from your experiences and expertise;
  • a lack of severe behavior or temperament that needs serious psychological help.

The six things above are enough to make progress.

When we are in a Leadership Coaching conversation, some common questions and processes are used.

Below is a process I call ‘Current, Need to be, Next Step.’

Current, Need to be, Next Step – Leadership Coaching Process

Following an initial meeting and some data gathering, possibly from interviews with those you impact and a 360-Leadership Assessment, we will make progress in the following way.

  1. Based on our discussion and the feedback data we discussed, and you read, what is one area of your leadership you want to progress on?
  2. On a scale of 1 – 10, with 10 being you are the best in this area and 1 being the opposite, where are you currently?
  3. What are some examples that place you at the current number you chose? How would others notice your current progress?
Need to be
  1. Thinking about the leadership area you want to progress on, on the same scale of 1 – 10, with 10 being the best in this area and 1 being the opposite, how good do you need to be to know that you are making a difference?
  2. Looking at your current number X and your need to be X, how will you be different when something changes? Who will notice the differences first? What will they notice?
Next Step
  1. Share one Personal behavior you can develop to sustain progress
  2. Share one Professional behavior you can develop to sustain progress
  3. Share one Team behavior you can develop to sustain progress

Between now and our next meeting, take 15 to 30 minutes and complete the form below:

  • In the follow-up meeting, review the document and support your progress.
leadership coaching process current need to next step Mike Cardus
Leadership Coaching with Mike Cardus

Create a process built upon daily habits of increasing what is working and decreasing what is not working to achieve your goals.