SOLVED Solution Focused Progress Focused Coaching and Development Create Learning Team Building and Leadership

Leadership and Team Coaching sound nice until you have to put them into practice. I’ve developed a team and leadership coaching process called SOLVED, using solution-focused as the basis for making progress and adding value to the decision-making and problem-solving of others.

Below are several questions following the SOLVED coaching method that may be useful in team and leadership coaching.

  • What needs to happen here today so that you can say that it is worth your time?
  • What’s changed since you first realized this is a challenge?
  • Share when, where, how, and who is involved?
  • What are you doing when this problem is absent or less severe?
  • Suppose there is a miracle overnight that solves the problem or challenges you brought into this session. How will you start to discover the following day that the miracle has happened?
  • It is one week from now, and I am visiting you; what will be the 1st observable change that makes me realize you have made progress?
  • How will others see your progress?
  • Where are you on a scale of 1 – 10? Ten means that you have reached your goal entirely, and 1 means the opposite.
  • On a scale of 1 – 10, where 10 means you’ve reached the point where you can stop worrying, and 1 represents the opposite, where are you when you notice progress?
  • On a scale of 1 – 10, where 10 means you are spending your time on another challenge, what does a 9 look like?
  • What are you already doing well, that is keeping you at that level?
  • In the past, how have you made progress on such challenges?
  • From your response on the scale, what has happened to keep you at the number?
  • Which situations in the recent past contained at least a small piece of your preferred future already happening? How did you do that?
  • Where are you, and what are you doing when this challenge is gone?
  • What is working well enough?
Decision and Direction
Clarifying how to proceed, plus:
  • From our discussion today, what will be your next small step?
  • How will you share with us what was helpful from that step?