Resilient Organizations Develop With Time

After spending a week in Vancouver BC Canada attending the Cynefin Retreat on organization design for emergence, I was moved to learn new ideas, leave some outdated concepts behind, and reinforce the progress that we are making together. This moved me to think – How can you create more resilience to ideas and innovation within … Continued

Resiliency & Developing processes to focus on bright spots

Team-Building is a practice in resiliency. One part is the personal ability of the individual to continue through a process once the fun stops, develop a solution, be facilitated through understanding the process & learn adaptive techniques.

The other part is team resiliency. The ability of a team to develop a shared psychological state of working through challenges and staying together, working through conflicts and coming out stronger on the other side. Allowing each team member to use their talents and abilities in an autonomous manner, while still focusing on the the set goal and challenge.