Finding Solutions Through the Resolution of Guilt – Skeleton Keys

Our guilt and concern for what happened in the past may block progress to find a solution. The resolution of guilt Skeleton Key may be used to have the person determine what will be happening when this guilt is lessened or no longer exists. From this change in focus, new solutions may become evident.

Solution Finding Stimulus Customer Service

I facilitated a workshop on customer service and team building. We used a series of Solution-Focused questions and internal subject matter expert discussions to build upon what’s working and stimulate more solution finding.

Solution Finding Stimulus You Can Only Change Your Approach

Understanding why someone resists your idea and request for help can be useful. The next step is to find what works and plan to meet that person in cooperation. You cannot change someone’s resistance, you can only change your approach.

Our Team Meetings Suck Here is how we SOLVED

We associate certain behaviors, actions, and scripts with specific locations. The environment and location can be powerful and sabotage and change for better or worse interactions.