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Asking good questions & listening is a valuable part of all teams.  It is not as easy as we think. We want to jump in & tell them what to do.

When they don’t do what we told them, or they respond with “I already tried that, you don’t understand my problem!” we feel slighted.

The power of coaching questions allow the manager to listen. To really understand how & what the person is thinking.

The job of a manager is to add value to the work.

Asking questions focuses development & respect for the learner on the learner.

  • Next time someone (or you) are faced with a problem that needs a solution ask these 7 questions.
  • Shut your mouth, listen to the responses.

You will be happy the results.

How can my team accomplish its goals & be more innovative?
  1. What has happened for you to know that a solution is needed?
  2. If I was to watch you working through your solution how would I know you’re making progress?
  3. On a scale of 0 –10. With 1 being you have some idea of how to make progress & 10 being you know exactly what do you, where are you on that scale?
  4. What have you already accomplished?
  5. What about your solution is already happening? (even a little bit)
  6. How did that happen? Can you do more of that?
  7. What is 1 thing you can do in the next 90 minutes that will increase your progress?