Team Building & Leadership Speaking Engagements

What people are saying about my interactive Speaking Programs; “Mike gave us the confidence to believe we would not have any bad experiences and would totally enjoy the day – and we did! Mike’s intuition and insight to team dynamics had each of us profit from the day – individually and as a team. All … Continued

Coaching Minority and Women Emerging Entrepreneurs

I had to pleasure of serving as the opening speaker for the Allstate Minority and Women Emerging Entrepreneurs Program Center for Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership School of Management University at Buffalo, NY. The facilitated speech and opening session lasted one and a half hours, focused on creating accountability and connection between the new program attendees … Continued

Can Team Building be measured?

Can team building be measured? Quantitatively? I have been re-evaluating my consulting effect on team building within organizations, working with a process to determine qualitative vs. quantitative data to ensure that the path I am following with teams is the most effective that it can be. I came across a resource on Qualitative vs. Quantitative … Continued