finding what works to solve problems and make progress through coaching Mike Cardus

I had a great time with the Buffalo Niagara 360 group. We have almost 50 people in attendance to learn about solution-focused coaching and how to solve problems and make progress through questions.

Finding what works to solve problems and make progress through coaching


Focusing on problems makes you an expert in what’s wrong. To become an expert in what’s right, you must be able to guide others toward progress. Join us and Mike Cardus, an organizational development expert and facilitator for our Executive Exchange program, for this interactive workshop. Find out how the solution-focused SOLVED coaching method will help you draw on the individual talents and abilities of your team members and find ways to develop a team sustainably and systematically.

You’ll learn:

  1. A research-based process to coach yourself and make progress through complex challenges
  2. Strategies and tools for improving the performance of any team
  3. An innovative, proven approach to managing complexity and change in teams
  4. A coaching model that can be applied to organizations, teams, and individuals
  5. How these methods have been applied in leading organizations across the world, including banks, military, manufacturing, retail, law enforcement, non-profit, and small businesses
Finding what works slides

Here are the slides from the talk.