Team Building has to be connected to the team and how it accomplishes its work. Below is an example of a team building program design / agenda and outcomes. This was prepared for a full day of Team Building with follow-up coaching and consulting with management and some team members.

Team Building & Leadership

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Clarified objectives for Team Building & Employee Engagement Day

Develop and focus on One Operations Team
  • Meet and learn from people in other areas of operations
  • Increase understanding of what people in operations do and how that affects operations
  • Find areas of success within the operations team and create a shared vision for the future


Focus on what is working and create ideas + plans for improvement into the future
  • The company is better than it was 12 months ago
  • Examine what is better and what happened within operations to achieve that success
  • As a team determine individual and team goals/tasks for continuous improvement over the next 100 days…possibly 1 to 2 years


Employee Engagement Efforts
  • Defined Employee Engagement – people use every opportunity to improve their work processes and products.
  • PLUS every person is able to ‘Fill Opportunity Time’ with ideas for doing their work better
  • Creating a culture where people are comfortable taking risks and failing with a focus on innovation…’Forgive and Remember’
  • Forgive, so that people are willing to talk about and admit the errors that are inevitable in any human endeavor, and remember, so that the same mistakes don’t occur repeatedly. Organizations that forgive and forget keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Organizations that remember – but blame, stigmatize, and punish losers – create a climate of fear. So the game becomes avoiding personal punishment and humiliation, not helping others learn or fixing the system. Forgiving but remembering failure promotes learning without creating a climate of fear. (Hard Facts, Dangerous Half-Truths, & Total Nonsense: Profiting From Evidence-Based Management (2006) by Jeff Pfeffer and Bob Sutton p. 233)

    Expected Outcomes of Team Building Day

    Develop and focus on One Operations Team
  • People to meet and have a shared experience together
  • Using the ‘7 Steps to High Performance Teams’ model. Mixed work teams will identify as an Operation Teams where they are now and next steps to move towards high performance
  • In the team-building simulations small teams will explore areas of team-work, communication, engagement and the concept of ‘Forgive & Remember’ in reference to how they accomplished the task, and used their experience to transfer to the next activity.
  • PLUS teams will create ‘what worked stories’ and how what worked can be transferred to their work


Focus on what is working and create ideas + plans for improvement into the future
  • Small teams identify what is Distinctive and Working Well within the team
  • Individual and team identification of ‘What is better?’ and how they all worked together to achieve that
  • Possible ideaSmall teams (possibly work teams) identify ‘what is needed OR how can we improve in 100 days’ areas within the ops team…

Suggested Thematic Areas

  • Creating a Culture of Innovation
  • Communication Within the Ops Team
  • Small Improvement to our Output and Work
  • Employee Engagement
  • Communication & Collaboration with Other Departments
Employee Engagement Efforts
  • The two above topics will feed directly into Employee Engagement
  • Follow-work with Management Team to identify areas of focus for Employee Engagement and steps for improvement
  • Scheduled follow-up and implementation steps shared with the staff to show Employee Engagement Efforts and share ‘success stories’


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