Workable goals for team building and leadership

7 characteristics of workable goals.
They are:
  1. small rather than large;
  2. noticeable and important to the people on the team and the team as a whole;
  3. described in specific, concrete work and behavioral terms;
  4. achievable within the practical context of the teams time and work-days;
  5. perceived by the people on the team and the team as a whole as involving their “hard work”;
  6. described as “the start of something” and not as “the end of something”;
  7. treated as involving new work task(s) and behavior(s) rather than the absence or stopping of existing work task(s) and behavior(s).

Goals are examples of what will be happening, what the team’s interactions and lives will be like when the complaint (problem) is absent / the goal is achieved.

If the above 7 conditions can be focused and co-created with the team, then you have workable goals.

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