Team Building & Leadership process that was created for a retail organization that was preparing for a new product launch. The company promoted 5 internal sales, marketing, and existing staff to be “team leaders” of the new product. Create-Learning Team Building & Leadership was contracted for 8 months to facilitate, train & develop the team leaders, and build upon the existing skill sets of all the team members in the product launch.

Team Building & Leadership Process Summery;

Providing the team leaders with skills, tools, and facilitation that will allow them to find strengths within themselves, their department, other departments and the Organization. When exploring these strengths discussions and process development of existing customer and stakeholder interactions will evolve and create increased commitment to the values and goals for the product launch.

This Teambuilding & Leadership program will serve as an opportunity for the team leaders to learn from one another and increase camaraderie amongst and between departments for a successful new product launch.


Objectives and Outcomes explanation;

Facilitation and team development with team leaders.

Participants will be facilitated through simulations and discussions focused on;

  • · Developing High Performance teams and the indicators of resolved and unresolved behaviors in High Performance Team Leadership
  • · Steps to gain influence of team members and people who are needed for successful completion of projects.
  • · The 9 Team Dynamics that get results
  • · Creation of a unified decision making process amongst the team leaders
  • · Techniques and facilitative preventions / interventions of maladaptive team member behaviors.


Each team leader will enroll in the Exponent leadership curriculum.

Concluding the process leaders will have the ability to:

  • • Overcome and find methods to deal with the fear of lacking requisite skills to accomplish leadership tasks
  • • Set and achieve goals based upon time span capabilities.
  • • Determine the time span, skills, and values of self & direct reports to ensure exceptional service to the community and stake holders.
  • • The ability to effectively delegate & follow-up on task assignments
  • • Constructive oversight of self & team member’s responsibilities
  • • Develop proposals and presentation of proposals
  • • Properly implement process and people leadership
  • • Use effective tools for the measurement of individual & team effectiveness
  • • Understand when, how to, and why to use tools for the measurement of team effectiveness
  • • Use effective skills, and techniques to coach all team members
  • • Coach and re-focus underperforming team members
  • • Interview and hire new team-members that have the proper skills, capabilities, values & commitment to complete the roles of the position.


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