Teams are a small group of people (typically fewer than ten) whose work needs to be highly coordinated to achieve specific outputs. Teamwork refers to values like sharing, cooperating and helping one another.
· Clear common purpose that is important to the organization.

· Clear accountability for work deliverables, and the authority required to accomplish the work tasks.

· Employee appraisal, reward and incentive system that supports performance and doing their best work on an ongoing basis.

· The leadership, technical and behavioral skills required to accomplish the purpose.

· The employees of a company (as a whole or department or even that sit next to each other) are not a team unless their work needs to be coordinated to achieve the same, specific outputs.

Groups may require teamwork even when they do not need to work as a team.

What do you think?

How do you separate teams from teamwork? Do you have an example of good or bad results from everyone not understanding or understanding what those words meant?

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