image from Grand Illusions

THE IMAGE ABOVE IS NOT MOVING! really it is not.

Even when you understand and accept that the image above is static and your brain is causing the movement, it still moves.

No matter what factual and rational explanation I supply, as you stare at the image it appears to move.

Positive illusions are unrealistically favorable attitudes that people have towards themselves.

The belief that empirical evidence to the contrary shown to you, you will not believe it. Positive illusions that you hold are like the image above. Even when you accept that you may be wrong about how great a leader you are, about what an amazing team member you are. The illusion of your awesomeness continues to move within you mind. Spinning through false necessity to hold this positive illusion.

Of-course you create positive illusions YOU define the criteria of what you are judged against.


It is Plato’s Euthyphro;

  • Socrates. And what is piety, and what is impiety?
    Euthyphro. Piety is doing as I am doing

In modern terms;

  • Boss. and what is great work, and what is horrible work?
  • Staff. Great work is doing as I am doing.


To work through the ambiguity of positive illusion with staff creating of Clear & Distinct expectations, action plans and how all of this will be followed-up and evaluated MUST be created and co-created with staff.

For yourself finding what I like to call, your Philosophical Friend helps immensely. A friend who questions your foundational logic of choices. Someone you trust and find intelligent enough to critically rip-apart your actions and ideas. A friend who questions and challenges you to justify and validate your reasons beyond the point of agreeing with you.

Only once you are shaken out of you dogmatic slumber

can you accept different criteria for your illusions.


with credit given to Immanuel Kant’s Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics

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