Take 15 minutes and watch this video about continually finding and doing…those that have a growth-mindset know their skills can be improved and what is happening is one option in all the options possible.

  1. Learning
  2. Growth Mindset
  3. Experiments

How does this apply to potential vs. applied capability?

“A Green tomato grows, A red tomato rots.”

The potential is just that, potential. Very few people achieve their innate capability and too many people give up because their “fixed-mindset” has them believe that they have inaccurately reached capability. Through Learning, a Growth-Mindset, and Experiments you can move, understand, and develop your skilled knowledge.

The applied capability is capability AT THAT MOMENT IN TIME…At that moment in time how do you take information, pick it over, play with it, analyze it, put it together, reorganize it, judge and reason with it, make conclusions, plans and decisions, and take action + values & commitment + skilled knowledge.

In order to mature and gain the requisite wisdom and skilled knowledge to flourish into potential capability…you have to Learn and find success in the projects you are doing.

The Exponent Leadership Process is about Learning, Growth and experiments.

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Originally came across this video at Solutions Focused Change

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