Positive thinking and the belief that we can attract our positive fortunes is something I have always had issue with.

The idea of going inward to find the solution to concerns and that seeking truth through positive thoughts will make you rich – PHOOEY!

Even worse the false paradigm of if you believe and have a great attitude then success will find you, and if success does not find you then you were not being positive enough.

Alternatives suggestions (as mentioned in the video) is to take a more realist approach to this.  Understanding that reality and objects exists outside of your head and self. People, processes, systems, organizations, chairs exist even when you are not thinking of them and act independently and dependently upon you.

Contrasting this with the philosophical idealism – the philosophical theory that reality exists only within our minds. This idealism made popular by books like The Secret and the power of attraction. Which, as the video illustrates, take a hard line view on those who are already successful and leaves those that are poor and less fortunate to feel like they can “attract” wealth and good fortune through an imagined mind state. Using idealism to create a reality of millionaire status and happiness.

This realism is taking into process of Team Building / leadership / personal development external systems outside of yourself. Realizing that what others notice about you is a realistic view. Taking notice of situations behaviors, processes, environments and finding what the success in those areas was, and how to replicate those scenarios will lead to continued success. I am not taking a hard pessimistic role, what I am championing is a realistic view point that once people are able to examine how their interactions and behaviors impact others, the team can discuss this, and then lead to an organizational reality of thought.

Simply “thinking happy thoughts” will not make your organization, team, and you any better, prosperous, or successful.


  • what do you think?
  • is the law of attraction something you believe in?
  • applications to organizational worlds and dealing with reality?



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