To sustain and grow your health and human service agency, you will need a value proposition using data and a capacity plan for growth and focus.

As we work through New York State’s Medicaid redesign and the shifts in payment to Value-Based-Payments focusing on upstream health care interventions through the Social-Determinants-of-Health, understanding your organization’s value will become more vital.

For the past 6-years, I’ve worked with Community-Based-Organizations plus Health and Human Service agencies through a process called getSET. There are two focuses that we are finding useful:

  1. Build the organization’s capacity through organization development and executive coaching.
  2. Develop a value proposition using data to differentiate the organization better and highlight the value to the community and payers using data.

From this work, we have seen that the value proposition happens when the organization’s capacity is strong enough to;

  1. define how it makes people’s lives and the community better,
  2. gather the outcome data that matters (outcome data is different than count or process data),
  3. have a leadership team that is resilient enough to identify opportunities and challenges, then translate those areas into strategies for the organization,
  4. slow down and know what they are doing, who they are doing this for, and why that matters.

From New York State Value-Based-Implementation: Community-Based-Organization: ” Understand the key drivers of poor health and cost in your area and identify how you can help combat those key drivers. This is part of your value proposition to VBP contractors, seeking to improve population health.”

The value proposition happens, when the organization’s capacity is strong enough to understand and articulate its value.

Below are value proposition examples from health and human service agencies that we consulted and coached.

Value Proposition for Community-Based-Organizations

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Wayne County Action Project value proposition

When you can differentiate your services and products, you can increase your capacity for growth and sustain your impact. This takes a team approach that focuses on developing your organization and strengthening it.