The slides above are from a talk to SUNY Buffalo State College. The audience was 200 college freshman.
They asked me to:
  1. motivate the students
  2. share advice on being a leader and working in teams
  3. encourage the students to use the university resources and mentors

In preparation, I wondered, “What could someone have told my 18-year-old freshman self that would have made a difference?” I kept coming up with the same answer, nothing.

Starting college is tough at any age, having foundational knowledge sufficient to learn what you don’t know and figure out a process to close that gap while allowing what you do know to continue improving, may help.

Using solution-focused leadership helped frame the talk into:

  1. What’s gone well today?
  2. Since arriving on campus what have I accomplished that makes me proud?
  3. What have I done to help or support another person?
  4. How can I do more of what’s working for me to be successful? _

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