Robots, coaching and procrastination

I find myself stuck and unsure what to do several times a day.

Stuckness leads to a constraint.

To get unstuck you need to do something different.

I read somewhere that if you walk in random patterns you will think more creatively and will become un-stuck. However if you walk in a square you lose creativity and think rigidly.

Makes sense to me…I often walk in random patterns.

Figure out what to do, even if it is just one small step. Take that small step, document it and suddenly go from ‘I don’t know’ to ‘I’ve figured it out’

4 Questions to figure it out
  1. What has happened for you to know that a solution is needed?
  2. In the past, when faced with similar challenges what did you do to find your solution?
  3. Describe something that is already successful for you?
  4. Someone else in the room knows the answer BUT they cannot directly tell you. How could they support you in discovering the solution for yourself?


Try it and let me know what you figure out.

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