Team Work what effective teams must have team building expert michael cardus

High Performance Teams come from systems-that-drive performance from the individuals on the team.

To be effective on an ongoing basis, teams need to be integrated within the existing structure of an organization. Team exist because an individual is accountable for work that requires the coordinated effort of a group of people.

Whether you are teaming, project focused, developing corps (people with specialized skills sets brought together short term, with clear accountability and authority, to complete a task) these 4 things will make a difference.

To be effective teams must have:
  • A clear common purpose that is important to the organization
  • Clear accountability for outputs and the authority required to accomplish the work
  • Performance appraisal, reward, and incentive systems that support performance on an on going basis
  • The leadership, technical, information, and interpersonal skills required to accomplish the purpose

We all work on teams whether subordinate teams of the same manager or mixed teams of subject matter experts and people from other divisions. Through all teams, the same things are needed for effectiveness and high performance.

What do you think?

In what ways can you ensure that team have purpose; accountability and authority; performance support systems; and the skills to get the work done?