“I hate doing these yearly performance evaluations”

“What is it you hate so much?”

“They are no-where near accurate and often times I feel forced to use recent information to determine employee performance.”

“What would be better?” His eyes starred at the ceiling and I could tell the thought was there.

“More information that I could use”

“How can you get that information? How often do you meet with your staff?”

“We currently, thanks to your advice, have monthly coaching & feedback where we talk 1 on 1 about what is working well and what areas we can continue to focus on.”

“Could you gather performance data during those meetings”?”

Smiles across both of our faces “Yeah, I already am.”

“Do you have a process for doing that? In what way may we create a process for gathering performance data on a monthly basis?”


Below is a glimpse into the process we created:

Monthly by providing goals and coaching in shorter spans of time real-time feedback and performance improvement / department performance can be changed as needed and create a lasting productivity gain.

  • In monthly coaching and feedback sessions 2 to 4 goals (what by when in a QQT/R format) will be established.
  • 2 goals from the manager in-line with his longer time frame;
  • 2 goals from the employee for personal development.
  • Required updates (depending upon employees time-span management) usually via email or in weekly huddle meetings.
  • In monthly coaching and feedback sessions prior months goals to be reviewed. Red, Green, Yellow light evaluation (plus further evidenced by the QQTR completion standards) for current standing on goals established.
  • For exceptional performance, performance, and underperformance continued coaching, training, mentoring, development will be co-created by manager and employee.
  • Quarterly reports created from the data collected monthly. These reports will show quantitative data (established from goals/tasks) that staff have direct control over.
  • Quarterly reports created from data collected monthly. Showing qualitative data, based on expectation and capabilities that will yield managerial judgment of work.
  • Shared metrics with staff showing data plus goals accomplished each quarter.
6 Months
  • 2 times a year larger performance evaluations will be completed by the manager. Using the quarterly data gathered.
  • Manager will use this data to determine trends in employee performance.
  • Manager will use this data to determine trends in department performance.
  • Manager’s Manager will use this data to determine effectiveness of the manager.
  • Yearly performance data will be supplied to CEO plus board members to show alignment on work and progress.

Do you hate the overwhelming push to complete performance evaluations once a year? Could your organization, team, leadership , you benefit from real-time data in a time-span that allows work to be improved and changed as needed? Contact Mike…to develop a process that makes teams and leaders more effective resulting in increased production and people who love the work they do.