It does not have to be complicated…

You Processed De-Briefed the Team Building. Now how do you improve the team and work

It does have to be followed-up and remain a priority of the team.

In every team building & leadership program and consulting meeting, we can find 1 to 3 things that can be re-focused, changed, and/or improved often; we find many more.

In an earlier post, I wrote about 5 Team Building Processing / De-Briefing Questions.

Here are some questions and actions to create a plan to transfer the team building to the team’s work.

Team Building Questions To Improve the Team & Work
  • Based on the team building and our discussion earlier…What about this activity can we apply to our work?
  • What would be some evidence of that happening?
  • What is the 1st step we can take to make that happen?
  • Who will be in charge of implementing and following up?
  • When should we meet again and see how we are doing?

I like gathering and listing the responses on flip-charts. Facilitating the team to choose 1 to 3 items that they know they can accomplish with little extra effort, and transferring the ideas into a WHO : WHAT : WHEN Matrix.


  • One person is accountable for coordinating the efforts.

  • What exactly is being done. Clear and distinct description. Best if describing what ‘success’ looks like and how we will all know.

  • Dates. You cannot have a goal to achieve without a what-by-when. The by-when allows everyone to knows the priority level.

Agree to work to achieve the 1 to 3 items, arrange meeting times and dates before the WHEN dates to ensure that people are getting the work done and are continuing to make progress. At the last meeting on or after the WHEN date, see what got done, celebrate. Determine what worked, what to keep, and what next.


Making team building stick is what people on the team want to see happen, and you can make it happen with some discussion, planning, and follow-up.

What do you think?

How do you make team building stick to the team and work? What works for you? Have you ever implemented an idea from a team-building workshop?

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