Your Best Work Happens When 2 Questions are Answered Create Learning Team Building and Leadership

All work returns to two questions:
  1. What am I doing here? Orienting to how you fit into the work and organizational culture.
  2. Who are you? Establishing trust in knowing who the other people are and how they fit into the work and organizational culture.

Without these two questions answered getting work done, to it fullest capacity, will never happen.

What am I doing here? Who are you? Indicators

If left unanswered:
If answered:
  • You will not get my best work. It will not be my best because I’m not too sure how I fit into the work & who the other people, whose help I need, can help me complete the work.
  • You / I will have to use politics & manipulation to complete the work … and negative behaviors will be evident.
  • People will compete & work will be duplicated.  Due to the lack of trust & not knowing how you fit into the work.
  • Unhealthy doubt about what should get done & who should do it.
  • The team goes limp (zombies). Apathy & work aversion build. Growing into a Doom Loop of Death.
  • Greater chance of completing the work on time / on-budget / on-quality.
  • Knowing how my skills fit & how others skills fit + can assist in completing the work.
  • Longer commitment to the company & team.
  • Ability to ask better questions & use full capacity + discretion to complete the work.
  • If I am unclear about how someone else fits or why they are there – I feel comfortable asking.
  • From the trust established the assumptions about the work are out in the open for everyone to see & discuss.
  • When goals are assigned / delegated the team and me. We all see how the work fits together.
  • Team has energy. Collaboration grows into into Success Spirals.


These 2 questions & multiple solutions are covered in depth in the 7 Steps to High Performance Teams workshop + the High Performance Teams Organizational Change Process.