University of Rochester NY Simon School of Busines MBA Create Learning Team Building and Leadership (62)

Sitting with a team that I’ve been consulting & coaching for 12+ months, we looked at the ‘Team Work to Create Results vs. Team Work to Create Learning’ chart. One person said,

Create learning feels like what we should strive for but creating results is where I often find myself.”

That sparked a conversation about the challenge in complex adaptive systems, being aware of external + internal threats, & the need for innovation within this company.

From the discussion, we reflected that change in how the work gets done takes time, plus people want to be on learning teams.

Here are 4 tips we came up with to develop a focus on change to create learning teams.
  1. Be patient. Usually, we will notice progress only by looking back at how we were two or three years ago.
  2. Be persistent. Don’t give up! Don’t get restless & look for a new management or leadership philosophy. Quick fixes don’t work.
  3. Be humble. The arrogant manager & organization will find it difficult to learn anything. Acknowledge our inadequacies. Instead of bravado & certainty in our claims, offer small safe-to-fail & tested ideas that need data for support.
  4. Be inelegant. Give yourself permission to be inept & ask dumb questions. Don’t try to fake it. Instead, seek to learn it.

What do you think?

What stands out to you from the 4 tips to create learning teams? How will you see these behaviors on your team(s)?