5 Behavioral Values we Expect from Leadership Infographic

People on teams are influential at creating self-sanctioning actions for maladaptive behaviors.

High Functioning Teams and the people in these teams have generally shared values which lead to a commitment to excellent work and achievement.

The Managerial Leader must play an essential role in developing steps for continued positive behaviors and must also handle maladaptive behaviors in the same manner as dealing with under-performance with a task assignment.

Here are five leadership values that you expect from leadership:
  1. Integrity: to behave honestly.
  2. Commitment: to express one’s full potential capability and energy in work.
  3. Reliability: to be counted upon consistently to do what is expected or required.
  4. Initiative: to originate new ideas or methods without being asked.
  5. Co-operativeness: to work together with others for the common purpose.

I argue that these are psychological imperatives that all people need to do their best work and flourish within organizations.

5 leadership values you expect from leadership.

Download the infographic with:

  1. 5 Leadership Values
  2. 4 questions to determine your leadership values.