Determining Capacity for work

CP + V + SK + Wi + (-T) = CAC

Complexity Processing + Values + Skilled Knowledge + Wisdom + (-T) the absence of serious personality (temperament) defects = Current Actual Capability. (Jaques 1994)

In preparation for Mastering Organizational Complexity I have been updating notes, slides and content.

The formula above is the backbone of the determining the proper people, with the proper competencies (right now) for any position within an organization.

Below are definitions and links to more information about each of the components to determine a persons ‘Current Actual Capacity’.

Complexity Processing 

The mental processes by means of which a person is able to organize information to make it available for doing work.


At the core of what has been called motivation is to value something. If we value something we will go after it.

Skilled Knowledge

Knowledge refers to all forms of articulated ideas: words, formulae, models, designs, mathematics and all other symbols which we can use to communicate to one another about the world (Jaques 1998)


Wisdom has to do with the soundness of a person’s judgment about the ways of the world, and about what people are like, and how they are likely to react. (Jaques 1989)

Absence of a Negative Temperament (-T)

The absence of any serious behavior and personality defects that may be deleterious to being effective in the role.

What do you think?

Is the formula above sufficient to match the work of the role the capacity of the person to fill that role? What methods / formulas do you use and know of for ensuring that the person can do the work?

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