5 Steps To Team Building. It is not team building activities, it is team structure and accountability www.mikecardus.com

“organizational structure, accountability systems, and working relationships are somewhat boring. It is much more exciting to focus on influencing the hearts and minds of people (leadership?)…So the quest for magical charisma goes on. As a result of this thinking, the efforts at improving performance in today’s organizations are never going to be as successful as they could be.” – Stephen D. Clement


5 Steps to ensure that team-work gets accomplished


1: Why are we together? What is this team?
  • The team knows why it is assembled
  • The team knows why specifically each person is on the team and the skills that they offer
  • The team knows the Project Manager / Team Leader
  • The team knows what the Project Manager / Team Leaders are accountable for
2: Do the team, and each person know what to do?
  • Team goals are known and understood. Everyone knows what ‘Done’ will look like and how the team will know it has achieved the goal
  • Each person knows their purpose and what they need do to meet the team goal.
  • Cross-Functional-Role-Relationships are clarified
  • Each team member knows, with certainty, how they are to work with others inside and outside the team
3: Do the team, and each person know how to do what they are supposed to do?
  • The team knows how to do the work, and the work is checked and measured based on Step 2
  • Each person knows how to do the work expected of them
  • Procedures for follow-up and measurement(s) of progress are established and shared
4: Do the team and each person have the best tools/resources to do the work?
  • To achieve what the team is supposed to do the necessary resources are budgeted and readily available
  • To achieve what the people on the team are supposed to do the essential resources are budgeted and readily available
  • The resources are in the best working order possible and are available when needed, in quantity required, with the required quality
5: Are Check-ins, Milestones and follow-up expectations known documented and used?
  • A shared document with expected team check-ins and milestone achievements is created and revised as needed
  • The team has documented dates, follow-up meetings, accomplishments and lessons learned
  • The Project Manager / Team Leader has documented follow-up meeting with each team member individually to see how things are going and offer assistance and coaching as needed
  • Obstacles that the team and people encounter are documented and shared openly in team meetings. Action-steps to solve the obstacles are documented and shared.