Setbacks happen…many change efforts are 5 steps forward 3 steps back.

Finding Success in Setback Create Learning Team Building and Leadership

The good thing about a setback is that you had to be making progress to be setback. This means the team / people / you know how to progress…because you already have.

Looking at the details of success & progress that happen between big events. It moves us, good & bad, to look at the surprisingly spectacular moments we may have overlooked at the time.

Many people misunderstand “success & accomplishment” to mean outstanding, awesome, or huge successes. I believe that life is made of many little accomplishments. As we learn to see these little accomplishments, we can better learn from them.

6 Steps to Work Through a Setback

  • What’s your understanding of what you are going to achieve?
  • Where are you right now?
  • How did you get as far as you did?
  • Whose work or life or success or …. did you impact with the progress you made?
  • If they were here, what would they say was the best part of what you accomplished?
  • OK, you had a setback… When you make progress again, who will notice? What will they see you doing?
  • On a scale of 0 – 10. With 10 being this setback is the best thing to happen and 0 being the opposite – where are you right now?
  • You are at X. What is keeping you at X as opposed to another number?
  • When you are at X+2, what progress have you made?
  • What have you done that you are most proud of?
  • Where do you find yourself with the most energy & enthusiasm for this project/task?
  • What progress have you already made?
  • I was hoping you could walk me through the process & set-up & work & interactions you had to make the progress you already have.
  • What from this progress can you do more of?
  • When faced with setbacks in the past – how did you continue?
Decisions & Direction
  • What’s your next step?
  • What do you expect to have happen?
  • When can we meet, and you can share the progress you made & what you learned from taking that step?

Using the Solution-Focused SOLVED Method to capture & amplify ‘what worked’ when a setback occurs.

What do you think?

What works for you when a setback happens?

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Make change happen with a problem-solving approach that’s focused on solutions.