After having my first two children on 12/28/2013; twins – Elliott and Lillian. I have been feeling all kinds of stress, emotion, anxiety and need to be many places and things to many people.

elliott and lillian cardus 1 month

In moments of confusion and stress, with work and family, having a system to follow is useful.

After a late night feeding, while Christine (my wife) was napping, I decided to use my SOLVED Solution-Focused Coaching Method Cards.

I randomly chose 6 cards and 1 focus card … I felt an ease and direction that what I was doing is the best I can + that I am further along in where I need to be than I thought.

Solution Focused Coaching Questions finding what works leads to more of what work Create Learning Team Building and Leadership

Sharing the Solution-Focused Coaching questions, that I pulled, in hope of you gaining some value from the system.

  • S – describe what you want to have happen.
  • O – you’ve solved this who is the 1st person you share the results with? What do you tell them?
  • L – on a scale of 0 — 5 — 10. Once you are at a 9 how will you know?
  • V – what have you already accomplished?
  • E – describe 1 thing that is already successful.
  • D – looking at my responses what has been most useful?
  • Plus the Process vs. Results Card.


What do you think?

Share your responses and practice being Solution-Focused.

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