Team Building and Leadership Expert Michael Cardus

8 Variations of Infinite Loops

Takes a fresh and creative approach to a common teambuilding activity. Each variation can be used as a stand alone, or can be sequenced into an experiential learning and team building program. These variations all focus on creating better teams that are able to work together to solve problems and innovate solutions.

Here is 1 variation ‘Partner Separation” which is the Team Building Activity that sparked the variations…for ALL 8 and they are very excellent you can purchase the entire Team Building Book

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What others have said

“I admit it. I’m a big fan of the work Michael Cardus does with teams. I like what he does and how he does it. Michael is able to use simple activities to help individuals and groups make profound shifts. Case in point: Michael’s new e-book “8 Variations of Infinite Loops” provides you with a simple team building activity that you can now use to help the groups you serve learn powerful leadership lessons. The “Infinite Loops” game is a tried and true activity for a reason but oddly, few know how to get the most out of the activity – – luckily, Michael does. The variations he shares are wonderful and best of all, Michael provides detailed debriefing (processing) strategies which is so important. Thank you Michael!”

Tom Heck of the International Association of Team Work facilitators (IATF)