Competence of the people on your team will lead to increased productivity and effectiveness of the organization and people. This happens on purpose through training, development, coaching and mentoring. To determine and increase the competence of your organization, teams and leaders Contact Mike.

Team Building and Leadership Expert Michael Cardus

There is no such thing as a leadership personality, even in the so called leadership of cult leaders. – Elliott Jaques

To be competent in your work you must have the ability to handle the complexity of the role, value the work being done, skilled knowledge to complete the work, necessary wisdom that comes from experience coaching and learning, plus behaviors that are not too extreme and too lacking to get the work done.

Often in hiring and promotions for Managerial-Leaders personality traits are given too much weight in the decision.

Just because he is caring or exudes great charisma for the work does not mean that he has the competence to handle the position. Managers who are nice and caring BUT incompetent are dangerous to the organization. Incompetent managers ESPECIALLY if they are nice people-KILL any progress, morale and productivity of employees. Managers need to be competent. Personality quirks need to be within a normative value, not too much and not too little to be damaging to getting the work done. Bob Sutton make this point here.

People will follow the charismatic leaders for the wrong reasons, and will follow along behind, rather than with them. This happens because the Charismatic leader lacks the competence to set the framework of understanding that is needed for going-along-together (cascade-of-leadership) teamwork. (Jaques, Executive Leadership 1994)

What to do?

Competent Managerial-Leaders are able to gain the trust and support of others, this is earned through adding value to other peoples work and showing a combination of competence and respect for personhood. Trust and respect comes from practicing actions and showing that you value the knowledge and work of others. Trust does not come from falling into each others arms

Some people will be better than others at gaining confidence. We all day-in and out, work to increase the trust and competence of the work all people do. The most important thing for anyone to do is be competent and have the ability to handle the complexity of your work, rather than working to smooth it out with some personality style.

The personality style will fade as people begin to see if you are competent or not in completing your work

The greatest way to increase Trust in yourself and Management is to complete your work in the Quality and Time-Frame specifications. Your ability to be competent and handle the complexity will outweigh any personality style you have.