Leadership is being competent in doing your work.

Leadership is establishing a team that follows the vision and work enthusiastically and cooperatively.

If you are NOT COMPETENT in your work…no-one will see you as a ‘good-leader’. This happens wherever you may fall in the managerial hierarchy.

I see speakers at conferences and audiences, falling and reinforcing the idea that Leadership is some list of magical traits that certain people have and others don’t, this is a fundamental attribution error.

You see these positive traits because the person is competent in their work.Leadership is Competency and Value of the work (1)

We believe that a good leader is a list of behaviors.

BUT we all have to have these traits, as employees, managers, team members, people, friends.

If the person is competent in their role we are quicker to see positive behaviors.Leadership is Competency and Value of the work (2)

When someone can really help you solving problems and add value to what you do, you want to follow them (in certain situations) with collaboration from others. Then you notice the positive traits.

These positive behaviors are shown by someone who is competent in their role. If you are not competent in your role you become angry, frustrated, de-motivated…and all the negative traits we attribute to Bad-Leaders.

Think about it

You know a manager, who at one time was your peer. When you two worked together. They were compassionate, showed a great work ethic, high integrity and humility.

They got promoted and their behaviors changed. They started behaving frustrated, deflated, not finishing work, yelling at people, started taking credit for others work.

What Changed? The person? Or the expectations of competency in their role?

The person didn’t change, they were in a role that was “too big” for them and because they did not have the necessary competence for the work, their behaviors changed.

Systems-Drive-Behavior – Competency in work-Drives-Observed Behaviors


What do you think?

Is competency a driver for expected leader behaviors?

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