how can managers change the culture of their organization

I shared some learning on problem-solving and complexity vs ordered change with the Buffalo ASQ Chapter.

Effective leaders understand that problem solving is not a “one-size-fits-all” process. They know that their actions depend on the situation, and they make better decisions by adapting their approach to changing circumstances.

How do you know which approach you should use in a particular situation?

In this workshop, we’ll look at the Cynefin framework, a tool that helps you make better decisions by assessing the situation you find yourself in.


  1. Learn a categorization framework for solving problems
  2. Understand how to differentiate your approach based on the type of problem
  3. Connect the framework to a current project you are working on and identify one action to take that will support progress

Below is the presentation slides.

From the interactive workshop I received a nice email from one of the quality engineers in the audience:

I was at the Buffalo ASQ Meeting last night.
I’m a believer!
I really, really liked your speech.
I took notes but they are not the greatest, I will be honest, does not do your talk justice.  
If you have any notes or other information from last night’s talk I and my guys are all ears.
Thank you for seeing past the limitations of our Quality Tools!
That is the only way that things will evolve and progress.. Viva the Revolution!