Note differences between what happens when any exceptions occur and what happens when the complaint is happens. Promote the exceptions – Steve de Shazer. Clues

Finding exceptions is innovation. We’ve heard the progress killer of “We’ve always done it that way.” Yet, when you explore how people think they’ve always done it … they have evolved and changed how it is done over many years.

Exceptions are what organization development and leadership development creates:

When working with an organization, team, leader they have problems. If there were no problems they wouldn’t need your help. The areas that are focused on are:

  1. When the complaint happens. Asking for details the what, where, when, how of the complaint.
  2. Times the complaint does not happen.  When the person is in a similar enough situation and the complaint does not happen.

Looking to notice the exception times the complaint does not happen is developing a process and practice of reinforcing what works.

This is often overlooked and not noticed. Making the things that are not noticed, noticeable creates a deviation from the norm for the change.