Too small for the work role

The most frightening thing about having a manager that is “Too small” and creates under-performance and disengagement are the gradual reductions in the level of competence of the team, which creates departmental underperformance and increased disengagement.

The department begins to sink in scale, matching the competence of its manager.

How can you tell if someone is not fit for the role?
  • Manager Complains about staff/team members
  • Manager actively pushes out competent people
  • People actively seek transfers from the division
  • Manager hires people that also lack the proper capability for the roles
  • Manager is excessively over-controlling – micro-managing
  • Manager fails to set an adequately broad context for people to work
  • Manager sets increasingly constraining policies and regulations in order to gain control
  • Noticeable deterioration of leadership qualities as compared with effective leadership in the previous role
  • Managers personality has noticeably changed
manager competence and incompetence
Competent vs Incompetent Management
JFK quote, leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.

Are you learning and leading?

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